Flucc Wanne

㋛ STRUMA+IODINE=11 YEARS ㋛ feat. Nkisi, Fitnesss, Huuum, ssolve, MARAws, Inou Ki Endo, DJ DIAMOND

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doors 20:30

NKISI live

Nkisi produces intense, powerful sonics influenced by ancient Kongo rhythms, rhythmic noise, our planetary electromagnetic grid, and experimental improvisation. The creative musician and visual artist is one of the co-founders of NON Worldwide. She recently launched her label INITIATION and research platform The Secret Institute, exploring the secrets and mysteries of vibrational rhythm, the ritual as a socio-political tool, invisible gestural sonics, noise tantra, and strategies of trance.



L.A. based FITNESSS emerges as a composite of wires and veins coursing with the distilled rage and sorrow of a decimated Los Angeles prosthetic electronics trigger angelic pulsations flowing through nervous pathways to communicate the primordial choreography of our Holy Ancestors.

“Dismantling the architecture of dance music and post-modern aesthetics, the genre-exorcising artist strains the anatomies of rave and sound art through a meat grinder for maximum panic-attack power. Crypt-dredge howls and gasps suffuse their work, broken by long stretches of dark ambience to make your mind clench up in fearful anticipation. Exploring unstable interpersonal dynamics, their performances have an emphasis on audience participation and crowd synchronisation, creating a unique environment of transformative collective dread.” (CTM Berlin)


HUUUM Release-Show “HUUUM”

HUUUM is synonymous with synthesis, openness, substance and avid noncompliance. The live project of Omid Darvish, Rojin Sharafi and Alvaro collao león merges Folk-influenced Iranian vocals with free jazz, ambience and electronic beats and impulses, bringing us dance music of an entirely new kind. Atypical rhythms and microtonal music, singing in multiple languages, sensitive improvization, and the interlacing of artforms and cultures – HUUUM leads with transcension and lands with movement. To Iran’s ban on dance, HUUUM is the definitive response. It is the domain of the unknown, the unlearned, and the unapologetic that envelops this project, with nothing to stop it but the club’s last call.


SSOLVE Release-Show

ssolve explores the intersections of contemporary electronic music and focuses on deconstructing and re-contextualizing sonic fragments. The result is a raw and sometimes dark digital soundscape of contemporary club, experimental, gqom, and bass. As STSK, he was active for many years as a rapper, producer, and lyricist, both independently and in major contexts. ssolve is based in Vienna.

At Flucc, he will present his new work to the public for the first time.



MARAws is a DJ, producer, promoter and writer who is currently based in Vienna, Austria. They are co-organizing the event series Augend&Addend + co-running the cassette label Jeopardize.



DJ Diamond is an event manager, promoter, DJ and member of the Fast & Nice crew. Her sets are informed by the hardcore continuum. In her energetic,, high-on-dopamine sets, she is fusing oldschool gabber tracks with Hardcore anthems and Neo-Trance gems. 



Inou Ki Endo’s preference lies in infernal and cerebral sounds, obscure dilettantes and professional borderliners beyond the musical mainstream. Shilla Strelka hosts concerts in Vienna under the name Struma+Iodine, curates the Unsafe+Sounds Festival, is part of the Elevate Festival team of curators and teaches and writes about music. For the jubilee, she will present a harsh noise set, framed as “Sonic Agency”.