(c) Su Noya

Vienna based DJ and producer Misonica, anchored in the European Leftfield scene, is a strong selector across times and spaces. Her sets are highly eclectic and deeply atmospheric, fusing hidden gems and obscure vocal tracks from across the globe with decelerated Techno, Industrial and Post-Punk, Tribal beats, and Cosmic tunes. They engage with a larger narrative, and guide us into imaginary realms, opening auratic spaces that we can walk in. The common vibe is dark and mysterious, and of a certain subtleness, balancing out hard and soft, light and dark shades. In addition to performing in clubs at home and abroad, Misonica has most recently hosted the monthly show Imbroglio on Noods Radio (Bristol, UK), (re)presenting Vienna’s underground scene.

The focus of Misonica´s live sets is the voice as an instrument. Voices of human and more than human agents collide in floating superimpositions. Her sounds explore the paths of togetherness and of the in-between, they are deeply atmospheric and relate to a larger narrative. The performances guide us into imaginary realms, opening auratic spaces in which we can walk in.