Margaret Unknown

(c) Florian Gutsche

“As I lay down fading night by night, to be reborn in bloom of the nothing that encompasses my being, worlds surrender to me.”

…born in Carinthia, raised in Vienna, Max Bogner have always dealt with the in-between and as a result been exposed to a variety of activities, localities and realities. Blending elements of performances (‘Aktion’), sonic architecture and dance, as well as decoding the subliminal power structures within language and the preconscious establishment, their work can most simply be described as eclectic.

“We could have heard if we had whispered in our eyes, that fragile song of our belonging – .”

…the dialectics which transitorily exist between being and becoming have informed Bogner’s formation through to the present day. There are codes within consented reality – mundane, abstract, simple, complex, inside, outside, popular, obscure – these contracts and agents of seemingly coherent societarian consent are rejected in service of a gravitation towards the beyond. Tracing these thoughts, the exploration of ritual, trance and the investigation of dreams and their un-/conscious manifestations have been key to Bogners fluid processes.

“Everything becomes void in face of wonder and curiosity.”

…meanwhile, every state that might express itself, disregarding its position to the composition of the previous self, within Bogner or their work, is given its room to flourish in favour of the process – as chance becomes fate and belonging fades, we accept plurality.