Michaela Kisling works with sound, performance and video. She is one of the founders of Schönbrunnerstraße 6, an independent space for experimental Music in Vienna, and curator and founder of the venue Baustellenbeschallung. She currently works as a curator for the showcases of the Estonian music label Serious Serious. Her most recent work is a digital composition, commissioned for Till Megerle’s video which is part of his current exhibition To be kind at Secession Vienna. Kisling´s works have been shown at Unsafe+Sounds Festival, Vienna (2018), notafe Festival of Performing Arts, Viljandi (2018), Kalana Saund Festival, Hiiumaa (2018), Kunsthalle Wien (2019), SAAL Biennaal, Tallinn (2019), Easterndaze Festival, Berlin (2019), Nu Performance Festival, Tallinn (2020) and Hyperreality, Vienna (2020).