Unsettling robot choirs, metallic kicks, folk instruments and gut-churning basslines slice the air in a refreshing union of Eastern European polyrhythmics. Genres are banned from the unique sound of Guta!, who shows up only minutes before a set, citing “I was too anxious” then proceeds to hand out gummy bears to the audience, charming across the intimate venues of Paris, Bratislava, Prague, Budapest, Krakow and Vienna. Co-curator of a charity music compilation, recommending albums for magazine music charts, being the degreeless underdog on panels, pulled off stage by promoters mid-set for playing death metal – just Guta! things. As an epileptic and sun-allergic child, during the isolated years growing up between the farms of a Transdanubian village and the concrete architecture of Dunaújváros (a Hungarian town originally named after Josef Vissarionovich Stalin, nestled next to a city-sized metal factory), one vicariously soaks up as much culture as humanly possible. These were crucial experiences to the development of their distinctive style: in Guta!’s mixes, the cast bulls of the Endless Steel City ram down the gates that confine the dreaming youth wasting away on the countryside, and we are treated to one of the most versatile and subculturally influential DJs of Hungary’s new generation.