In his eyes, Gabber is the Punk movement of the electronic music scene. The freedom of being yourself as long as there is always respect to the people next to you. Raised with the pearls of 60s & 70s ‘Rock N’ Roll’ Greensequence was given at 11 years old a hard drive full of music from his cousin, where he first came into contact with Hardcore. He quickly became obsessed with this sound and started digging between all the subgenres, where the industrial and early hardcore mainly got his attention.

Right after finishing school he started studying audio engineering and music production to broaden his field on a musical level. Back then in class he used the Arturia Sequencer and the first pattern he recorded came up in the midi channel as ‘GREENSEQUENCE’. At that time he was already spinning at parties and wanted to step up his game by starting to produce his own tracks. He mainly got influenced by the 90s oldschool sound of Gabber, where ‘3 Steps Ahead’ is still to this day his biggest inspiration. Feeling like his work transcends music like a story.

Today he owns and works at a recording studio in Spain. Released tracks on Mokum, Rave Instinct, No New Style & many more. From vinyl spinning to producing, this artist from Barcelona knows how to pour his musical creativity into any form.