Dino Spiluttini

(c) Tine Marie Spiluttini

Dino Spiluttini is a composer and producer based in Vienna, Austria. His vigorously expressive approach to contemporary electronics responds to precarious emotional dynamics and elegant harmony. The emotional potency of his music lies often in its tendency to yearn for resolution without quite finding any, its flirtations with fulfilment and respite interrupted by anxiety and brooding. The weight of these dramatic scenarios owes much to Spiluttini’s meticulous production, his sinews of sparse arrangements scrunched into thrashing evocations of troubled embodiment, frustrated identity, or worldly unease. 

Spiluttini’s most recent release, Heaven (Editions Mego, 2019), contemplates death, reunion and bodily perfection in restless encounters between choirs, organs, harps and pads. He is active also as Wrong Body, whose Benzo Edits (Cut Surface, 2019) adds the lyricism of R&B crooning to his expressive outlets.