(c) Myles Pedlar
Corin Ileto (UIQ, Bedouin Records) is a Filipina-Australian electronic producer, composer and performer working in the field of performance art, sound design, theatre and club spaces.

Her productions are an assemblage of converging styles moving somewhere between IDM, grime, EBM, trance, and baroque-laden ambience. Her releases include Manifest LP (Bedouin Records, 2019) and Enantiodromia EP, released this year on Lee Gamble’s iconic label UIQ. As a composer and sound designer, Ileto works across a broad spectrum ranging from video to theatre. Current projects include Justin Shoulder’s AEON†, a performance/installation work fusing Filipinx myth, puppetry and queer pageantry as ceremony. She is also a regular monthly host on NTS Radio.