Clemens Denk

The almost singing poet tells of his everyday life between the attempt at empathy with everything and everyone – and it’s rejection of everything and everyone. Objective love songs with a subjective flirtation factor, you could say, if the word love song hadn’t been so worn out. Denk explores why we struggle so hard when it comes to affection, not only with the people we hold on to more desperately than in love, but also with the small things we can buy that are not so natural to buy. The things. Earring, three-meter stick, slaughterhouse, pub, shoe, room, Stradivarius, shard, soup, singer. Rendered by Denk in everyday language.

(…) Critical songs and aperçus by a politically sensitive nonconformist, performed with the self-critical emphasis of the mirror, songs of protest against the self, which no longer wants to recognize itself as something that is buying, amputated or reserved, because it is already living in the coming age. In the imagination.

Clemens Denk lives and works as a painter, writer, draftsman and singer in Vienna. As a musician he is / was active in projects like Clemens Band Denk, Clemens Jürgens, Dot Dash, Krafftmalerei, Privat, RABE and Wirtschaftskammer.