Specific Objects

(c) Ronja-Elina Kappl

Vienna-born and raised producer and DJ Specific Objects has been part of the techno scene for almost a decade now since he began collecting records and attending raves in his early twenties. The urge to take part in a musical environment that promised an authentic sense of freedom led him to start producing club-ready techno in 2015 and picking up DJing soon after. Focussing on the more mental and hypnotic side of the genre at first, his studio efforts resulted in releases on renowned labels like Suara, Diffuse Reality or Olympian to name just a few. After some very active years in the scene and becoming a resident DJ of the infamous Meat Market crew, his interest shifted to early 2000s- inspired, groove-based styles. Therefore his productions took a turn to the harder spectrum of techno, now putting out fast-paced and driving tunes on his newly found label Twice Infinity that speak to a new generation of ravers on the rise.

Specific Objects’ early connection with the internationally appreciated event series Meat Market – initiated as an effort to bring cutting-edge techno to Vienna while creating a safe space for LGBTQI+ folks – was intensified in 2017 when he became a resident DJ and part of the Meat Recordings label roster, unifying bonds with its founding father Gerald VDH. This opportunity led to several local and international gigs and sharing decks with mainstays like SPFDJ, Blawan or Answer Code Request.

Seeing the recent pandemic and downtime of clubs as an opportunity, Specific Objects built up his own record label in 2020. With Twice Infinity, his main goal is not only to give his output a proper and self-managed platform but also up- and- coming artists an opportunity to present their vision to an appreciative audience. The label’s first release, a solo EP by the owner himself, sold out quickly and gained support by many international DJs despite tough times for the club scene itself.

Always putting quality control and passion first, Specific Objects is destined to make his mark on the scene with new projects and the imminent release of his label’s next record, featuring a diverse roster of international artists, in 2021.