Richard Skelton

Richard Skelton is an English musician. Over the past seventeen years and over 50 albums & EPs, he has developed a signature sound, often comprised of strings, piano and other acoustic instrumentation. Since 2013 he has increasingly buried these organic sources in layers of detritus and static. The process, as he articulates it, is to use signal-degradation as a means of reflecting the processes of decay and transformation in the natural world. His music has been placed alongside giants of experimental music, such as Brian Eno, Harold Budd, Stars Of The Lid, William Basinski. A DIY advocate, most of his music has been self-released, either via Sustain-Release (2005-2011) or Corbel Stone Press (2009+).

Renown for his expressive and innovative use of acoustic instruments, his much-imitated treatment of strings — at once visceral and haunting — began in 2007 on the album ‘Box of Birch’, and was later developed on his trio of ground-breaking recordings, ‘Marking Time’ (2008), ‘Landings’ (2009) and ‘Verse of Birds’ (2011). His work has been lauded by Gramophone, Mojo, Q, Record Collector and The Quietus, among others, and in 2011 he was featured on the cover of The Wire magazine. In 2013 he was shortlisted for a Paul Hamlyn Foundation Award, and in 2014 he was a finalist for the Arts Foundation Award for Experimental Music.