Manuel Riegler had been drumming in the bands ‘Wealth’, ‘Shrack’ and ‘Francis International Airport’ , among others. In 2022 he will release his debut album under his solo synonym ‘Raschel’.

Manuel Riegler aka Raschel, born in St. Poelten, Austria, lives and works in Vienna as a composer and percussionist of contemporary music. His practice intertwines field recordings and sound synthesis. Lately Manuel has written predominantly music for dance and performance.

A selection of recent collaborations: Lau Lukkarila (Nyxxx – Impulstanz /2021, Kneading to the 3rd Millenia/ 2021), Tiran Willemse (Blackmilk /2022), Hungry Sharks (Beton Brut /2022), Rebecca Merlic (GlitchBodies /2022, CityAsAHouse / 2020), Marta Navaridas (Stomach /2021, Hausgeist /2021, Onírica /2019), Saint Genet (Brick Bohemians /2021), Dagmar Dachauer & Kilian Immervoll (Feline Project /2019), Eli Keszler (Chasing Homer – Wiener Festwochen /2019), Eva-Maria Schaller (What We Hold Inside /2019).