Eric C. Burton, best known by the recording alias Rabit, is an American producer of experimental electronic music, as well as the owner of his own label Halcyon Veil, born in Houston. Career Burton began his musical career making experimental grime music for online record labels. Eventually, he released his debut album Communion on Tri Angle, which was released to critical acclaim. In a Pitchfork review by Philip Sherburne, where he rated the record 7.9 out of 10, he stated that it was ‘violent music’ and that ‘you emerge even after just a few minutes’ worth of the album’s unrelenting barrage of beats and palette of sampled shrapnel feeling dazed and punch-drunk’. In 2017, Burton was featured as a producer on Björk’s Grammy-nominated album Utopia for the track ‘Losss’. In the same year, he released Les Fleurs Du Mal, a shift in style to pure experimental electronic music outside of grime. He currently owns and releases music on the record label Halcyon Veil, which has existed since 2015. Burton has also produced and independently released mixtapes of chopped and screwed mixtapes in the vein of DJ Screw.