Brii Bauer aka Power has been busy organizing the Viennese underground scene for years and was a member of the live improvisation projects Bird People, founding member of the live improvisations techno duo S.E.P. & the underground experimental punk band Ausländer. Brii Bauer has been curating various events all through Europe, including being curator of events at Donaufestival Krems. She has worked as a music journalist for many years and co-worked on the publication round the viennese underground-scene “AUZine”.  She is founding member of the artist and DJ collectives Love Is Strange, Arsyugoslaviae or Pussy Trio. Together with Jeschka Oszilat they are the  musician doublet Fatalismus Spunk, which has collaborated for releases with Gran Bankrott, Dita Mattersorfer and Gee Aitch. Their track “mouse” was published on Vinylograph as a soundpostcard in 2020. In August  2021 Power and Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt founded (Afghanistan Mon Amour) a avant-garde experimental music duo of visionary magnitude.

For some time Power has been working on a CutUp Loops series. Brion Gysin discovered the cutting technique by chance in 1959 and pointed it out to William S. Burroughs, who was to become the most important exponent of CutUp. Power transfers the system from the word to the sound. For this purpose, loops are layered according to the cut-up technique, their speed changed and rearranged. Torn out of their context and edited beyond recognition, they yield themselves again and overhaul to a different whole that follows its own story. Power creates spherical tones on her self-made theremin.