Morast is the solo-project of Viennese artist and musician Moritz Morast, that explores the melting continuum of noise, industrial rhythms and free musical forms. Coming from a background as a designer of musical electronics and his activities in the viennese free-improv-scene, as a member of the free-jazz-noise-bands FS Massaker and Mozo Mozo, Morast combines approaches from sequenced electronics with the immediacy and unpredictability of hardcore improvisation. His debut record “Drawing Figures into Negative Space” was released by Czech imprint Baba Vanga in 2020 and captures Morast vision of raw sounds melting into fluid motion. It got critical acclaimed by the Quietus for: “pushing away techno tropes and ushering in as many spontaneous and thought- provoking inquiries into rhythm and colour as possible.”