Markus Krispel

(c) Igor Ripak

Markus Krispel started his public musical activities as part of the Viennese Bands „LICHT“ (‘Syntaktic Records’/A) and „RON BOP“, released next to it solo on MC under the alias of „Der Polizist“ and „Lesco Lak“, homerecording projects with all kinds of Instruments he could find and got interested in.
For some time he ran the Impro duo “Vögel“ (guit. & sax) with Alexander Kasses (drums) (‘Schnapsidee Records’/A) and blew the organ pipes in pieces of Peter Jakober, Vienna based Composer.

Since 2008 he plays bass in the Heavy-, Doom- Band „[[[ALTAR:THRON]]]“ („ROCK IS HELL“/A) with Franz Zar (guit. & voice).

At some point he got seriousely into the Alto Saxophone and joined the „Neu New York Music Institute” at Celeste, Vienna, invented 2005 by Marco Eneidi, today called the `Monday Improvisers Session, Vienna’ and still taking place every monday night at the same venue.
With the saxophone, his main instrument, he works in diverse constellations as an improvising musician, as well as playing solo concerts with a high interest in the sonic exploration of the instrument, related to the acoustic offers of the certain space, it´s resonance and the cumulation of recepted energies of attention. He likes to include awarness of the social situation in a space and the potential use of the whole range of dynamics of his actual instrument in his play.
He is interested in the on-going developing process of flexible, harmonical intuition and rhythmical diversity, adapted in his continuous practice on the saxophone, staying in transition, drawing from influences of music from all over the world, from different times and simply from intense ‘contact’ with sounds in general.