High Wolf

In between Herzog’s Aguirre and Levi Strauss’ Sad Tropics, mysterious and psychoactive, High Wolf’s music mixes cosmic loops, fuzzy guitars, droney synths, mystic vocals and tribal percussions, inspired by primitive and ritual music as well as adventurous modern music.
Hyperactive and globalized artist, continuously on the move all around the globe, High Wolf never stops to produce and collaborate from the beginning, in 2009. Revealed with the release of his first tape on the californian label Not Not Fun, starting point of a long term relationship with this influent label (another tape in 2011, 7″ and debut LP in 2010, another LP planned for 2012). In 2011another american label, Holy Mountain (Om, James Ferraro) released his second Lp album entitled “Atlas Nation”.

High Wolf has many different projects, including Iibiis Rooge, dark duo close to a techno ambient harsher than his usual music, with Neil Campbell (Astral Social Club, Vibracathedral Orchestra). Iibiis Rooge has two LP albums out, self titled in 2010 on Dekorder (nominated for the Qwartz Electronic Awards) and “Hespherides” in 2012. He also collaborated, either live or on record, with many emblematic artists from the new underground psych scene: Sun Araw, Gnod, Sylvester Anfang II, Eternal Tapestry, Topping Bottoms…

High Wolf frequently performs live all around Europe since 2009 and has toured Japan in 2010 and USA in 2011 and 2012. High Wolf globalization continues with tours in China, Australia and USA planned for the second half of 2012. He’s now invited to play in some of the most prestigious festivals like the Austin Psych Fest or Hopscotch Festival.
In the same spirit than Sun Araw, some of the Sublime Frequencies artists and classic Krautrock legends High Wolf opens a mental and synaesthesic window with his equatorial electronic psychedelia.