(c) Ellie Lizbeth Brown

Gil Schneider is a composer, producer and DJ living and working in Berlin. Their compositions and performances are tightly woven, non-linear yet soaring experiences of music’s potential to create haptics and emotion. Overlapping percussions, atmospheric sounds, dipping in and out of genres and timelines, GIL surprises the audience with their approach to movement.

Their musical output underlines a rich ability to experiment with context – notably, they have released two EPs on Danse Noire and three pieces for Piano Trio on Yegorka. They have composed scores for Akinola Davies’ BBC production Black to Life and Channel 4’s short X US, scored theatre and dance pieces in Germany, Finland, and Switzerland and released singles and remixes on Country Music, PTP, Mixpak and Staycore. Their most recent release “Make hay where the sun shines” was released by Yegorka and finds GIL’s original music interlaced with narration by Andrewism on the politization of the concept of Human Nature.