Eternal Zio

Eternal Zio is a quartet from Milan, Italy comprised of Rella the Woodcutter, Maurizio Abate, Raubaus and “the misterious” Valla. They play a number of different acoustic and electric instruments (hurdy gurdy, violin, mandola, organ, percussions, guitars, voices) to create a timeless form of totally improvised free-music which is connected to all the music that have been played before. Their sound is genre-breaking and varies from long-form drones to short sketches of almost song like structure, without ever falling into categorization. Their diverse personal music influences, which vary from punk to jazz to roots psichedelia are melted in their group jams to create a universal language.
Rella the Woodcutter have released two records and a split 7” of fine psichedelic folk/rock on Boring Machines plus another full lenght and a 7” on Holidays Records. Maurizio Abate is a key figure of the italian impro/noise scene and beside his rich solo activity he plays with Jooklo Neokarma trio/Sextet/Octet, Golden Cup, Asabikeshiinh and released records on 8mm, Qbico, Conspiracy Records and Troglosound. Raubaus is a furious violin player and have released his first solo record “Dopa Militia” on his Subcasotto imprint. He is a regular collaborator of Rella in his records and live appereances. Valla is the last of the grunge heroes of the first generation, he just released a set of new uncompromising and harsh songs with only guitar voice and armonica.