Daphne X

Daphne Xanthopoulou is a Greek sound artist and curator currently based in Linz, Austria. She uses digital sound processing to create uncompromising compositions exploring themes of neo-materialism and linguistics through field recordings and voice manipulation, mixing influences from club music to musique concrete. Her compositional technique is rooted in her practice of deep listening through which she facilitates the organic movement of the most prominent features of a perceived sound(scape) from musicality to noise, from harmony to dissonance, from linear to non-linear narratives, from language to nonsense and vice versa. With her writing, which is in the building block for her voice-based compositions, she explores themes related to ecology, communal story-telling, non-linearity, synaesthesia, feminism, de-colonialism, cybernetics, consciousness, psychoacoustic illusions, strange loops, Wentelteefjes, water. She is trained in piano, cello, western and Byzantine notation and theory and practices singing from an early age. She holds a degree in music therapy and has worked with people suffering from developmental disorders, an experience that has enriched her understanding of vocal expression and sonic interaction, bodily relations to sound and space, the affective potential of sound as a vibrational force and an holistic phenomenon, and the subversive inherence of intimacy and touch. Likewise the concept of communal healing, sonic agency, and multi sensorial stimulation is important in her artistic expression and the experience she wants to induce as a performer.