Daniella Ljungsberg

Daniella Ljungsberg is a singer, composer and producer. Originally from sweden, today based in Jerusalem.
After several years of attempts at experimental composition and music production based on “musique concrète” methods, Daniela Ljungsberg decided to compile a collection of poems from recent years into an album.

In these works, Ljungsberg combined her love of field recordings, massive digital processing of acoustic materials and abstract noise into sample based songs, with an iconic quality that is usually absent from works in more abstract fields in which she previously created.

The songs on the album have a tone of dream pop and folk, which are laid on layers of ambient noise and rough vocal processing, this aesthetic dissonance creates a kind of parallel to the dissonance that exists in the disruption that nostalgic memory creates in a train of thought, and only the partial ability to experience it in a utopian present.

The result of dealing with stylistic materials such as Nordic folk and melodies with an ancient Nordic tone, both in their arrangement and in their selection, evokes a feeling of presence in the space of haunting personal memory.