Consumer Electronics

Consumer Electronics is a power electronics band formed in 1982 by UK-based noise artist Philip Best at age 14. Best later went on to join the noise group Whitehouse, and Consumer Electronics subsequently became inactive. It was revived briefly during the 90s for a collaboration with Merzbow, and after Best left Whitehouse in 2008 he has once again started making music as Consumer Electronics. Now it is a trio comprising Best, his wife, the US artist Sarah Froelich and acclaimed noise guru Russell Haswell. The band’s recent releases “Estuary English” (2014), “Repetition Reinforcement” (Diagonal 12″, 2015) and album “Dollhouse Songs” (Harbinger Sound, 2016) have cemented Consumer Electronic’s reputation as prime movers in the field of avant-garde electronics, twisted beats and apocalyptic performance poetry.