Chicaloyoh is the project of Alice Dourlen. Started in 2011, it has never stopped evolving, according to her desires and encounters. Gradually abandoning the folksy territories of her beginnings, she has turned towards atmospheres inspired by her travels and her dreams, while keeping the dreamlike narration that has always been her trademark. Minimalist in the space it leaves to the imagination, psychedelic in the unusual territories it takes the listener to, her music is a strange setting for countless delusions about the flesh, madness and loss of self. Recordings of street noises, metallic objects whose grazes and shocks are amplified, synthetic sounds that throw you out of your comfort zone, abandoned vocals… these are the tools Chicaloyoh uses to draw you into her twisted reverie. His concerts are more like an inclusive performance, at the limits of music, literature and theatre. A gentle unease or a healthy madness.