Bocksrucker has been lurking around the electronic music scene since 2010. His works are inspired by human history’s dark abysses, ignorance, and the desire to understand and accept life and the inevitable. A balancing act between contemporary, experimental dance music and morphing, diffuse, often disturbing, and obscure sound worlds.

Detuned and reversed samples, extrinsic sounds align with the harmonics of booming basslines, which are meant to engulf the listener and carry them away.

Harsh electronics and industrial influences meet gentle arpeggio sequences. Vocals, which are often boldly stolen, are meant to ask questions of our very own existence.

Bocksrucker likes his work to be heard and seen as some kind of untold story or a game, like “hide and seek”. His quest is to search, discover, and somehow recycle and adapt from the depths of the mystic and occult onto the abstract relics of pop culture.