Blaq Hammer

Blaq Hammer is an experimental electronic sound and video project formed in 2020 by American artist Seth Sutton. “I grew up in the suburbs of Memphis. There is a lot of blood in the soil, and somber entities that hang above you. This is the essence of the blues and I have never been able to shake those. I’ve lived in Berlin for some time and have been able to gather more pieces to the puzzle that some folks call oppression. This project is simply a reactionary attack on the colonial minded police state, wherever it may exist on this planet.”  Drawing from punk, techno, rap, and industrial styles, Blaq Hammer aims to create momentum in order to break up the algorithmic feedback loops and break down the false narratives that work in favor of the destruction of the so called “lower classes” and “marginalized people”. The project’s first full length “AMERIKKKAN HAMMER” is being released this autumn on Quality Music from Vienna.