Bird People

(c) Swantje Musa

Bird People are a drone band formed in 2010 by Ulrich Rois. Solo and with a host of collaborators Rois has since explored various forms of extended tone music, often influenced by drone-based folk music, Hindustani music and early minimalism.

Bird People have toured extensively throughout Europe and have released a number of tapes and LPs and various labels including Feathered Coyote Records, Sloow Tapes, Was Ist Das?, Cruel Nature Records, Sic Sic Tapes, Dead Vox, Liminal Noise, etc .

Recently (as of late 2018) Bird People have played some sets in a full, electric line-up, resulting in loud, feedback-driven sessions that one listener appropriately dubbed “noise-rock spirituals” (Ned Netherwood, Was Ist Das?).