Having a Libyan mother and a Syrian father, Bader spent his youth between Benghazi & Damascus. He grew up listening to Libyan Tagaza Majrouda rhythms and Syrian classical music. His brother DJ Khalil was one of the pioneers in the MENA region who fused his musical heritage with hip hop beats. As a youth Bader was always passionate about art, especially visual arts. When Bader moved to Belgium he studied photography and became a videographer and visual artist, working for numerous artists & brands. Through his work as a digital content creator for Voem, he started curating Yalla World wide events in Ghent; bringing the cream of the crop of the alternative MENA music scene to Belgium: artists as 3Phaz, Toumba, Muskila, Cheb Runner, Asifeh, Renata and Big Murk. At the same time Bader started dj’ing and producing music with Yalla Soundsystem together with his colleague Acid Ponch. His sound can be described as a symbiose between east and west: bass heavy patterns merge with his own musical heritage from the MENA region. One thing’s for sure: Bader kills dancefloors without any compromise. Yalla Soundsystem has a residency and hosts a monthly radio show on the Paris based channel Radio Flouka.