Born and raised in Egypt’s crowded and disordered capital Cairo, Assyouti is among his generation’s most distinct DJs and producers. Juggling hypermodern bass mutations, warped dancefloor snaps and percussive club experiments, he draws energy from the chaotic stimulus he grew up engulfed by, routing it into refined productions and elegant selections. Since 2021 he’s been based in Berlin and has quickly gained local traction, appearing at venues like the legendary club Tresor, RSO, OHM, and Trauma Bar. He has also performed at renowned music festivals like Berlin’s CTM and Uganda’s Nyege Nyege.

His debut EP “Shakhrama” was released in 2022 on High Digital, and highlights his wide- eyed and borderless musical interests, followed by an even stronger second EP on Shepard Tone in which he explores his own take on Jungle and Breakbeat mayhem. Noisy and at times aggressive, his productions melt visceral but challenging rhythms with distorted vocal and drum samples, processed beyond recognition into buzzsaw post-punk sonics. As a DJ, he balances his love of the hardcore continuum with sounds from the world’s furthest recesses, and is equally comfortable playing to energized dancers at peak time as he is taking the crowds on a mind-challenging adventure.

Over the years he’s racked up multiple appearances on radio stations like NTS, Rinse France, Reprezent, Movement Radio, Radio Alhara, Radio Flouka, Refuge Wordlwide, Noods Radio, Echobox Radio & Oroko Radio He was also a resident on Ma3azef Radio from July 2020-July 2022, where – through his “Waverider” moniker – he dived deep every month into some of his other “non-club” influences like Punk, Post-Punk, Gothic Rock, Noise Rock, Krautrock, EBM, Industrial, Cold Wave, Minimal Wave, and other obscurities from the 1970s onwards.