Alex Zhang Hungtai

Alex Zhang Hungtai is a Canadian-born, Taiwanese-raised, US-based musician who came up in the experimental indie scene with his project Dirty Beaches. After honing his craft in Montréal’s experimental electronic and indie scenes, it was his 2011 Dirty Beaches album _Bandlands_ that saw him break through. That release allowed him to collaborate and city-hop from Berlin to Lisbon and then to Los Angeles, where he currently lives. After retiring the Dirty Beaches moniker, he’s made music as part of the group Love Theme, played saxophone in an episode of the latest _Twin Peaks_ series and released music through avant-techno producer Helm’s ALTER label. In June 2018 he released his latest album, _Divine Weight_, through the African diasporic collective NON WORLDWIDE. In this session, he performs the record live with a string quartet led by cellist Marianne Houle and the Monday Night Choir.