Afghanistan Mon Amour

Afghanistan Mon Amour was founded in August 2021 by Brii Bauer aka Power (synthesizer, theremin, voice, cut up loops & electronics) and Sean Derrick Cooper Marquardt (accidental guitar, voice, cut up loops, & electronics). AMA is recognized for their live performances & recordings where they communicate in a language of a spiritual growth and connection. The sounds that they create take the audience in different realms of dimensions, which challenges the participants and go deep under their skin.

Since the founding of AMA the project has released three live albums, two conceptual albums & a remix compilation album, AMA has recently collaborated with the renowned artist Käthe Kruse (Die Tödliche Doris) who provided poetry & voice to an album release of sonic discoveries in three chapters. Live Afghanistan Mon Amour collaborates mainly with the viennese artist tin.hoc. Her video sequences, a flood of individual images and settings of which the eye cannot capture, create an involuntary visual order and do not stop flowing. The tribal pictures seem to be whipped forward by the music. The audience is overwhelmed by many impressions at the same time and taken on a memorable journey.