AِBADIR (Rami Abadir) is a music producer and sound designer born in Cairo, Egypt and based in Berlin, Germany.

His work combines experimental, club and ambient music and deals with themes inspired by fiction, memory and cultural artefacts.

His most recent album Ison, released on SVBKVLT, revisits his childhood memories of Coptic, Syriac, Maronite, Greek Orthodox and Catholic services and choirs. ABADIR distorts them into a contemporary electronic mass, ‘where the fusion of ethereal elements and pulsating rhythms opens a portal to a hyperreal space—a glitch in the matrix—where introspection is encouraged, and contemplation is inevitable, even amidst the chaos of cutting-edge club music’.

ABADIR has performed at various festivals including CTM, Rewire, Primavera Sound, Unsound, Fiber, Lost Music, Linecheck, WOS and Insomnia, as well as many venues in Germany, The Netherlands, France, Italy, Czech Republic, Serbia, Georgia, Egypt and more.